Aaron Slyder

Aaron is an undergraduate student in the Physics Department. He joined the group in August, 2013.

Group activity: CBB Workshop 2013, Biodesign Institute

On August 12, the Center of Bioelectronics and Biosensors at Biodesign Institute organized a workshop where everyone introduced their work within 10 minutes (5 min talk, 5 min question). Great fun and party on that night.  

Xiangbing Jiao Portrait

Xiangbing Jiao

Xiangbing is a PhD student in Materials Science and Engineering. He joined the group in August, 2013. Xiangbing is just initiating his rotation project on bionanoelectronics.

Single molecule level manipulation and sequencing: Push beyond limits

If we are smart enough to design the size and structure of the sensor to match that of a single molecule, many physical quantities that used to be buried in bulk environment can become detectable. The capability of manipulating and sequencing biopolymers with great biological significance, for example, DNA chains, down to single-molecule level, can bring paradigm shifts in biological research and biomedical practices.