Rouzbeh Jani

Rouzbeh is a graduate student in the Professional Science Master’s in Nanoscience program in the Physics Department. He joined the lab in February.

Avraham Echeverri

Avraham Echeverri is an undergraduate student from Biochemistry. He is currently working on the preparation of biological samples for testing the nanoelectronic biosensors.

Yuan Wang

Yuan is a PhD student in Physics. He joined the group in January, 2014. Yuan’s research is on nanoelectronic biosensors, in particular field-effect transistors made with silicon nanowires.

Kevin Ngo

Hi, my name is Kevin Ngo and I’m currently an undergraduate junior studying biological sciences. I joined the lab in November, 2013 and I am working on cell sample preparation for biosensing experiments.

Joshua Sadar

Joshua is a PhD student in physics. He joined the group in September 2013. His research is on DNA sequencing using synthetic nanopores.