PDMS Preparing Protocol

PDMS Preparing Protocol

Protocol for Preparing PDMS




PDMS Part A (base)

PDMS Part B (cross-linker)

Plastic Beaker

Stirring Rod

Plastic pipette dropper

Mold (e.g. petri dish)


Vacuum Chamber



  1. Determine the volume of PDMS needed.
  2. Turn on the scale. Zero the reading with the plastic beaker on the scale.
  3. Remove the beaker from the scale and pour the appropriate amount of PDMS base into the beaker.
  4. Use the scale to determine the mass of PDMS base. Record this number and zero the scale.
  5. Calculate the needed mass of PDMS cross-linker (standard ratio is 10%)
  6. Using a dropper, add cross-linker to the beaker until the desired mass has been added.
  7. Using the stirring rod, stir the PDMS mixture thoroughly for five minutes. Bubbles should appear.
  8. Put the beaker into the vacuum chamber. Pump the chamber until all bubbles are removed.
  9. Pour the PDMS slowly from the beaker into the mold.
  10. Put the mold into the vacuum chamber. Pump the chamber overnight to cure.